A Busy Year

2017 has been a busy year for me. It has brought a lot of changes, some proud moments and some big challenges, but it’s been a great year.

The year started with my first exams since leaving school in 1999. It was really nerve wracking, but I did well and was really pleased with my results. I also had interviews at universities in January, and was delighted to be offered a place at my first choice, the University of Huddersfield, to study architecture.

In February, we celebrated my 34th birthday and QWeb’s 4th birthday. Our company is still doing well and we’ve been busier than ever this year.

I spent most of March and April doing coursework and sat my final exams in May. I did really well and earnt distinctions in all my modules, passing the Access to Higher Education course and meeting the conditions of my university offer.

My brother visited from Canada in June, and my parents came up from London as well so we had a house full!

In July I started my tarot website, cartomantic.com and gave a presentation about tarot history at my local pagan moot.

We got some new pet rats in August, and spent most of the school holidays at home playing with them. My place at the University of Huddersfield was officially confirmed, and my eldest two daughters got their exam results for AS level and GCSEs, which they were pleased with.

September was a really busy month, we moved offices, I started university and my parents visited again.

October was all about getting settled into university life and learning loads of new skills. I discovered that I can actually draw if I put my mind to it, which is great as I’ll be doing a lot of drawing for the foreseeable future.

After all the good news this year, November brought some bad news. My dad was taken into hospital, so I spent a few days in London visiting him and making sure my mum was OK. Thankfully he’s made a full recovery, and my brother and sister visited too from Canada, so we were all together for the first time in years.

I had my first project review at school in December, where I had to present my design to the tutors, answer their questions and get feedback. It went really well and the feedback was mostly positive. Now I have to finish some drawings and get ready for our first submission in January.

It’s mostly been a good year, full of educational milestones and family visits. If 2018 continues in a similar manner, I shall be pretty happy 🙂

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