Getting Back Out in the Garden

The weather in the UK has finally cleared up and warmed up enough for us to get back out into the garden. Hurray!

Today, we have got most of the clearing out and setting up jobs done. Here’s what we achieved:

  • Broke up old rabbit hutch, broken grow houses and storage thingies that were of no use to us.
  • Took these and some other things to the tip.
  • Swept and cleared the paved areas.
  • Rearranged plant pots and tubs that had been randomly plonked down when we moved in 18 months ago.
  • Repotted two trees (eucalyptus and twisted hazel) that were in large tubs that didn’t drain, adding drainage holes and fresh compost.
  • Built the new wooden grow house and cleared a pile of dirt out of the place it now lives.
  • Raked over and removed remaining weeds from the area we did manage to rotavate.
  • Rebuilt the kids’ bike storage tent.
  • Packed everything that was left outside into the shed finally.
  • Emptied waterlogged compost bags onto the veg patch to be rotavated in.

What’s left to do:

  • Rotavate the rest of the veg patch.
  • Weed the herb patch and the pots and tubs.
  • Plant some things out that have been waiting in pots all winter.
  • Rotavate the end of the garden where brambles and weeds have taken over.
  • Plant fruit trees at the end of the garden and surround with grass seed.
  • Sow seeds.
  • Chop up leftover wood from the apple trees we cut down last year.
  • Build a circular seating area with chopped up wood and the mound of earth that remains from the lawn we dug up last year.
  • Sow grass seed on the seating area.
  • Remove horrible plants from the side of the path.
  • Transplant rose bushes from the front garden.
  • Grow vegetables.

I’m pleased with our progress, but there’s still a lot to do. I am excited to get this all done, and I can’t wait to share the pictures of our lovely garden when it’s done. I’m really looking forward to gardening this year, and hopefully we’ll have better weather and a much better harvest than last year. Read more

March Madness

I had hoped to spend at least some of March out in the garden sowing seeds and tending to herbs. Unfortunately Mother Nature knew better. We’ve had freezing weather and several snowfalls. There are still snowy patches out there covering large areas of my garden and it’s been trying very hard to snow all day.

Last year’s gardening weather was terrible. Every time I planted seeds or seedlings, we had torrential rain and almost nothing grew. For parts of the summer my garden looked more like a pond than a veggie patch. Read more

Saffron crocuses

Back in August my mother in law ordered some saffron crocus bulbs after I excitedly pointed them out to her on the internet. She divided the bulbs between herself, her daughter and me. I planted them up in September and during our recent house move I noticed that there were green shoots coming through.

I have been checking on the shoots and in the last couple of days the crocuses started to appear. Saffron is meant to be harvested early in the morning as the flowers begin to open, so each morning I have crawled out of bed, put on my dressing gown and wellies and wandered out to check on the buds. This morning I found one beginning to open. Read more

Chili peppers and tomatoes

My pepper plants perked up a few weeks ago and started producing peppers. Yesterday I picked the first ripe ones! I got 3 small purple chili peppers and a small red pepper that I think is a sweet pepper, although I can’t be sure because I can’t remember what I planted. Next year I will label them better. There are three reasonably large peppers growing on another plant but they have yet to ripen, and most of the plants have small buds which hopefully will grow into more peppers.

My tomato plants got a bit neglected through the summer as well, but they seem to be recovering somewhat. I have a few green tomatoes and one that is almost red. Nowhere near a bumper crop, but better than I got last year (a few green ones). Read more

Field mouse

The other day I glanced out of my window and saw a mouse wandering around on my patio. I went out to see if I could get a closer look at it, and found that it was injured and surrounded by flies. It looked distressed and didn’t seem to be able to see. I decided to rescue it.

I found a box to put it in, raided my pet supplies for some sawdust, scooped the mouse into it and brought it inside. I offered it some hamster muesli and it nibbled away while I called the vet for some advice.

I was concerned about the poor thing’s injured ear which I imagined was what had attracted the flies. It seemed to have been bitten. The vet advised me to wash it with salt water but warned me that it was unlikely that the mouse would make it through the night. The mouse didn’t seem to mind the salt water. Read more

Bird update

I have been trying to attract more birds into my garden, and this week I’ve had quite a variety.

The usual visitors, sparrows, blackbirds, collared doves and a wood pigeon, were joined by a coal tit, a great tit, a greenfinch, a couple of starlings and a sparrowhawk!

I haven’t managed to snap any photographs yet because they tend to visit in the morning when the door is closed. The sound of the door opening scares them away and photos through the glass are not worth taking. I will keep trying though. Read more

Stevia plants

My stevia seedlings grew into lovely big plants and I have potted the best six into two pots.

The leaves taste surprisingly sweet and sugary, not at all how you would expect from a herb.

I’m excited to be able to start experimenting with the leaves in my kitchen. I want to let them settle into their pots for a bit before I start taking leaves from them, but they seem to be happy enough so far. I will post back with recipes and ideas when I’ve had chance to try them out.


A few weeks ago I planted my first potatoes in the barrel I was given for christmas. They didn’t seem to be doing much, but after the recent rain they had shot up from almost nothing to the top of the barrel.

I topped up the compost this morning, and the barrel is now almost full. I’m really looking forward to having potatoes ready to pick in my garden. I hope they do well!

Garden Birds

I have been trying to attract more birds into my garden. We usually get lots and lots of sparrows, a few blackbirds, and the odd dove and pigeon. I haven’t had much luck encouraging different species to visit my garden so far, but I have seen a lot of baby sparrows over the last couple of days.

I managed to snap this picture of a baby on my patio, although it’s a terrible picture through the glass. There have been a few babies dotted around the ground but this one was close enough to the house to be able to photograph. Read more

Perennial Herb Garden

My front garden consists of two strips either side of a gravel driveway. One side is currently planted with a mixture of herbs and alpines, most of which are overgrown. The other side is also overgrown with some bushy plants that I’m not overly keen on.

We have decided to take out all the overgrown plants and I will be replacing them with perennial herbs.

My current collection of herbs lives in terracotta pots in my back garden. The annuals seem to be happy with this arrangement but the perennials aren’t flourishing. I moved a sage from it’s pot to a spot in the border last autumn and it likes it much better in the ground. Read more