Curled Cowl

Curled Cowl Knitting Pattern

Flat knitting has a natural tendency to curl up on itself that is usually considered to be annoying. It is often “fixed” by adding a few rows of ribbing or moss stitch. For this pattern, that curl is what we’re looking for.

Curled Cowl
Curled Cowl

You will need:

  • One 50g ball chunky yarn eg Freedom Wool from Twilleys
  • 10mm circular needles
  • About an hour, depending on how fast you knit

Step One – Cast On

Cast on 60 stitches using your preferred method. Join in the round. Gauge is not terribly important, but you should get about 10 stitches to 10cm.

Step Two – Knit

Continue knitting in the round using knit stitches only, which creates standard stockinette in the round. You should be able to knit about 15-20 cms before running low on yarn.

Step Three – Cast Off

When you’re almost out of yarn, it’s time to cast off. You need a tail that is long enough to go around your cast off edge approximately three times. Cast off loosely in your usual fashion. Weave in your ends.

Curled Cowl
Curled Cowl

Your cowl will naturally roll in on itself from the top and bottom like a scroll. It is now ready to wear. Enjoy!

If you’d rather not knit your own, check out the range of cowls available at Strawberry Moonbeam.

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