Garden Birds

Baby Sparrow
Baby Sparrow

I have been trying to attract more birds into my garden. We usually get lots and lots of sparrows, a few blackbirds, and the odd dove and pigeon. I haven’t had much luck encouraging different species to visit my garden so far, but I have seen a lot of baby sparrows over the last couple of days.

I managed to snap this picture of a baby on my patio, although it’s a terrible picture through the glass. There have been a few babies dotted around the ground but this one was close enough to the house to be able to photograph.

I also saw a group of three babies fighting for their parent’s attention, fluffing themselves up and making a fair bit of noise for something so small. Another couple sat themselves on top of the bird table for a few minutes before hiding back in the hedge.

I was hoping to see more interesting birds in my garden, and although these are the same species as the ones that already visit, they are certainly a bit more interesting than the adult birds that I usually see.

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