My first driving lesson

I had my first driving lesson the other day. I’d never driven before in my life. In fact, the closest I’d come was when my dad handed me the car keys, when I was about nine years old, and asked me to turn the car radio on. We must have been having a barbecue or something. I followed his instructions, but turned the key too far and started the engine, which was pretty scary considering I was only a little girl.

This time, as well as managing not to panic and burst into tears, I actually drove the car. I was super nervous to begin with, but my instructor was great, and before I had chance to worry about how scary it was going to be, I was driving along. It wasn’t as scary as I had expected it to be, and although I made a few mistakes, I think I did pretty well overall.

I learnt to start and stop, drove around a roundabout, and had a go at a U turn and a 3 point turn, with much guidance and hand-holding from my instructor of course. I was rather proud of myself though, going from never having driven, to trying out fancy maneuvers in the space of half an hour or so, go me!

I’m looking forward to my next lesson, which is a huge step up from the nervous dread I felt before the first one. Fingers crossed, I’ll be driving by myself in no time 🙂

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