Operating Systems and Backups

I have been using Linux for almost ten years now. I was a loyal Ubuntu fan until a few years ago when it started changing more than I liked. At that point I switched to Mint, a derivative distribution which kept everything I liked about Ubuntu and cleared out everything that irritated me about it. Lately, however, I was beginning to get frustrated with Mint, so I searched for an alternative.

After reading up on various different options, I decided Mint really was the right distro for me, but I didn’t want to have to keep upgrading every six months. This involved backing up my files, formatting my hard drive and installing the newest version from scratch. I like to be up to date, but I don’t like the hassle. I decided to try Linux Mint Debian Edition, or LMDE. Read more


I have been using Linux as my operating system for several years now. I started with Ubuntu way back when they called it Hoary Hedgehog. By the time it got to Intrepid Ibis I was getting frustrated with it. It was changing a lot and becoming less and less my kind of thing. I started using its cousin, Linux Mint. I started with version 9 and upgraded to version 10. I prefered Mint’s simpler interface over Ubuntu’s sluggish but pretty one. Mint also fit much better on my 10″ netbook screen, even in comparison to Ubuntu’s Netbook Remix edition. Read more