Harris Tweed Handbag

My handbag finally gave up on me after three years of daily use. The handles had been fraying for months, the lining had torn, the out fabric was wearing thin, but I still carried it with me every day. When the handle broke away from the bag, there was no way I could keep using it. I had to accept that it had come to the end of its life.

The good thing about losing a handbag is getting a new one, and I had been looking forward to owning a handbag that wasn’t falling to pieces. As my old bag died at the end of January, there were still sales in the stores, so we went to have a look. I didn’t like any of the bags I saw at the shopping centre, they were mostly made from plastic and covered in gold fixings, not to my taste at all. I knew I could make something for myself that I would like a lot better, and it would also be much cheaper. Read more

Mum’s Handbag

A while ago my mum asked me to make her a handbag like the one I had made for myself. Today, I dusted off my sewing machine and set to work.

I designed this particular bag for myself about two years ago. I wanted something with plenty of space for my stuff, yet compact enough that nothing rattled around and got lost. I achieved this by making the top band of the bag very tall and adding a small pleated section to the bottom to add extra space. I also included two interior pockets to prevent small things getting lost. Read more