Perennial Herb Garden

My front garden consists of two strips either side of a gravel driveway. One side is currently planted with a mixture of herbs and alpines, most of which are overgrown. The other side is also overgrown with some bushy plants that I’m not overly keen on.

We have decided to take out all the overgrown plants and I will be replacing them with perennial herbs.

My current collection of herbs lives in terracotta pots in my back garden. The annuals seem to be happy with this arrangement but the perennials aren’t flourishing. I moved a sage from it’s pot to a spot in the border last autumn and it likes it much better in the ground. Read more


I have planted fruit trees and bushes in my garden, and watching them turn green and grow is interesting but slow. Far more exciting are the seeds I have sown on my window ledge.

So far, I have coriander and cumin herbs in my kitchen, and various hot and sweet peppers, tomatoes and aubergines sprouting. Now that the seedlings have come through and I have uncovered them, I have room to start another batch of seeds.

Hopefully this year my seedlings will be safe from the snails that munched them all last year. I hope that starting them inside and moving them out when they’re a bit bigger will give them a better chance of surviving. Read more

Gardening Season

Last year was my first garden, and as is to be expected of first attempts at something, it didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. I started planting quite late in the season, my seedlings were attacked by slugs, I didn’t water anything enough and it was all quite disheartening. I gave up trying to rescue plants, enjoyed what did survive and left the garden alone completely once the last plants had given up on me.

This year, I’m excited to try again. Armed with experience of what not to do, a little more knowledge than last year, and a lot more enthusiasm, I’m hoping to get much better results this year. We took advantage of a rare sunny day last week to get started, took out weeds and old plants, dug the ground over a bit and planted some fruit trees and bushes that I got for my birthday. Read more