Bird update

I have been trying to attract more birds into my garden, and this week I’ve had quite a variety.

The usual visitors, sparrows, blackbirds, collared doves and a wood pigeon, were joined by a coal tit, a great tit, a greenfinch, a couple of starlings and a sparrowhawk!

I haven’t managed to snap any photographs yet because they tend to visit in the morning when the door is closed. The sound of the door opening scares them away and photos through the glass are not worth taking. I will keep trying though. Read more

Garden Birds

I have been trying to attract more birds into my garden. We usually get lots and lots of sparrows, a few blackbirds, and the odd dove and pigeon. I haven’t had much luck encouraging different species to visit my garden so far, but I have seen a lot of baby sparrows over the last couple of days.

I managed to snap this picture of a baby on my patio, although it’s a terrible picture through the glass. There have been a few babies dotted around the ground but this one was close enough to the house to be able to photograph. Read more