Chili peppers and tomatoes

My pepper plants perked up a few weeks ago and started producing peppers. Yesterday I picked the first ripe ones! I got 3 small purple chili peppers and a small red pepper that I think is a sweet pepper, although I can’t be sure because I can’t remember what I planted. Next year I will label them better. There are three reasonably large peppers growing on another plant but they have yet to ripen, and most of the plants have small buds which hopefully will grow into more peppers.

My tomato plants got a bit neglected through the summer as well, but they seem to be recovering somewhat. I have a few green tomatoes and one that is almost red. Nowhere near a bumper crop, but better than I got last year (a few green ones). Read more

Seedlings Growing Up

Some of my seedlings have grown up and moved out. These tomatoes and aubergines moved into grown up pots and now live outside in my plant house.

I have another few seedlings on my window ledge that are ready to grow up and move out. I will be potting them up this weekend after I have picked up some more pots for them.

I can’t wait until they grow up enough to fruit. I am so looking forward to having freshly picked produce from right outside my door!


I have planted fruit trees and bushes in my garden, and watching them turn green and grow is interesting but slow. Far more exciting are the seeds I have sown on my window ledge.

So far, I have coriander and cumin herbs in my kitchen, and various hot and sweet peppers, tomatoes and aubergines sprouting. Now that the seedlings have come through and I have uncovered them, I have room to start another batch of seeds.

Hopefully this year my seedlings will be safe from the snails that munched them all last year. I hope that starting them inside and moving them out when they’re a bit bigger will give them a better chance of surviving. Read more