Vibram FiveFingers Update

Back in March I posted a review of my toe shoes. Since then, I discovered that the shoes I had purchased were in fact not genuine Vibrams.

I was very disappointed when after only 3 months, a hole started to appear on the sole under the ball of my foot. I soldiered on with the shoes for another month until they were unwearable, and struggled to decide what to do next. If the Vibram shoes wore out this quickly, then they were not worth the expense. On the other hand, I did really like them. They were comfortable and felt so much better to walk in than regular shoes that I wasn’t ready to give them up. Read more

Shoes with Toes!

For my birthday about a month ago my other half said I could finally get those shoes I had been going on about for the last year or two. Ever since I first read about them on the internet I really wanted a pair but they were out of our budget.

I normally spend around £20-30 on a pair of shoes that I expect to last me 9-12 months ish. The shoes I had my eye on were around the £80 mark and I didn’t have much idea how long they would last me.

The reason I wanted to get such a pricey pair of shoes wasn’t because they looked cool or they would go with anything I wear or any stereotypical girly reason to buy an expensive pair of shoes. I wanted these because they’re good for you. Read more