More washing machine trouble

My washing machine hasn’t been quite right since the repair. The spin cycle got so loud that I couldn’t watch tv or have a conversation in the next room with the door shut. I had just decided that I was going to call the repair people again, when the machine confirmed by decision by giving up on me again. This time, instead of exploding, it stopped mid wash and flashed all the lights.

The repair man is coming out tomorrow, which is much better than the week’s wait I had last time I called. Fingers crossed it’ll be something that’s easy to sort out this time. I miss my washing machine. Read more

Laundry blues

A few weeks ago I began having problems with my electricity. The switch kept tripping and we had no idea why. After a few times, the fuse in an extension cable in the kitchen blew. Our landlord is an electrician and we asked him to take a look. He thought our socket might be overloaded, so he rearranged some of our plugs so that they were more evenly spread.

The switch kept tripping and the fuse blew a few more times. We began to realise that it was always when the washing machine was on. The machine seemed to be working fine, so we tried running it without any other appliances on. Sometimes it was fine, but sometimes it tripped the switch or blew a fuse. Read more